The idea for Blue Diamond began when Dr Anthony and Mrs Susan Walsh witnessed first-hand the lack of opportunities for young adults with an intellectual disability and a talent and passion for drama. In 2016, they established the Blue Diamond Drama Academy to offer students their ‘big break’ and simultaneously change societal perceptions.

We aim to provide a two year, third level Drama training programme for adults with intellectual disabilities. We are committed to the empowerment and development of talented individuals through the medium of drama and theatre. We are dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to develop their inherent talents, achieve their full potential and pave the way for a future career in drama and the arts.

theDrama Academy

Blue Diamond Drama Academy opened its doors in October 2016 with the first troupe of acting students. An extensive, stimulating and varied curriculum of drama and performing arts commenced. Following the academic year, our first intake of students graduated in June 2018.


“Blue Diamond has put the sparkle in my dream.” –  Student

Our Ethos

Blue Diamond Drama Academy aims to provide all of our students with the highest quality drama and acting training.  We strive for excellence.

Support The Academy

All funds go toward the development of the theatre, school and career paths for students with learning disabilities in the arts world.


Blue Diamond Drama Academy will be taking applications starting from April 2020.

School Hours

Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 3 PM