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Blue Diamond is a new theatre company which the graduates of Blue Diamond Drama Academy have formed. The company is ambitious and is committed to creating engaging work. One Love is their first production and it has been researched and devised by the company.

One Love is their first production and it has been researched and devised by the company.

One Love is a joyous exploration of friendship and what it’s like to be in love and have a learning disability. Paul and Orla are engaged and making plans for their future. One Love charts their journey towards their big day.

“I’m certain in saying there was no better place to be tonight in this country than in Smock Alley Theatre to witness the Graduate students of The Blue Diamond Drama Academy perform their original devised play ‘One Love’. Comedy and even bigger comedy with the most deft timing and brilliance and then in an instant like all great Drama The most devastating tragedy and only to return again to breathless comedy. They were pulling the strings and in total control of a couple of hundred people and no bother to them and all filmed live by RTE as they performed. A rapturous ovation naturally followed. These guys will be touring and must be seen by the public, the Arts council, Government and anyone who wants to be told a great story and be moved by the beauty of humanity. It’s an immense achievement and can match anything that happened on a stage tonight anywhere.”
– Twitter Review

“It was better than the Cripple of Inishmean which I saw earlier this week. Sincere congratulations!!!”

– Audience Feedback

“It should be on the Abbey stage!”

– Audience Feedback


The Story of One Love Script

I want a hug. 
I want a kiss and a smooch.
I want to be cared for.
I want to have support within society. I want the right to a married life. The actors in Blue Diamond had studied Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare during their training and were eager to perform the play, at that time I thought it would be too much of a challenge to take on such a technically demanding script however, I thought it might be interesting to look at the themes of the play and try and explore those in terms of the actors own experience. Romeo and Juliet were victims of the society they lived in, it was because of their family’s feud that they were unable to be open about their relationship and it was the reason for the blood shed between the rival factions in the piece.

We began our exploration with the question, what is it like for a person with a learning disability to have a relationship in contemporary Ireland? The actors drew on their own experiences, shared their dreams and wishes for their current and future lives. They drew up a questionnaire and interviewed couples with a learning disability. We developed a story line from that material and improvised our piece based on lived experience. Aimee Richardson wrote her soliloquy in Act two of the play and every scene was improvised with the company. Sarah from Inclusion Ireland explained the law and how it impacts on peoples lives, she spoke about the chilling effect of the law and shared a story on which the Cake shop scene in the play was based.


Blue Diamond Drama is now representing the students and theatre company. Please contact for further information about any of our talented actors. They have an impressive array of skills, talent and experience built up.

“Congratulations on a wonderful production of ‘One Love’ last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the play and seeing all of you enjoy every moment of the production. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for lighting up my life!”

– Audience Feedback

On Tour

Blue Diamond Theatre Company will be touring One Love to schools and venues in Ireland from March 2019. The company provide a drama workshop which accompanies the play and gives the audience an opportunity to explore the themes in the piece. For more information contact

“I don’t normally like theatre, it’s all a bit too serious, I like to laugh on a night out. I thought One Love was great, it made me laugh and yet it brought up serious issues. I had a conversation with my Dad in the week following the show about a young man who he knew who had a learning disability. A thoughtful, entertaining piece.”

– Audience Feedback